“GreenSpur thinks BIG on how buildings and communities can be designed....”

“GreenSpur proves you CAN build an elegant and sustainable home....”

“Stands a (GreenSpur) home where a quiet revolution may be taking place....”

Mark as childMark headshot
Mark Turner

I had the wonderful opportunity and good fortune to grow up on ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with wonderful parents and cousins. We never owned a TV, we spent countless hours outside. When we weren’t getting in trouble, we were building and tinkering with things. This company is my professional dream of my life long love affair with creating things - hopefully cool things outdoors with friends. I am extremely proud of our team, their work ethic, their vision and pursuit of this shared dream.

 University of Notre Dame – BA Philosophy/Great Books
Old Dominon University – MBA Finance

Nick child headshotJimmy headshot
Nick Cioffi
Director of Construction

Nick and I have worked together for over 10 years now. I rely on Nick for a successful implementation of a shared vision. Nick and his family have building in DC for 5 generations. He gets his work ethic, loyalty and leadership from many experiences - captaining his collegiate lacrosse team, six years as a US Marine serving this country and from a real passion to create saw dust, to build, and to create things with two hands. I am grateful to Nick for many things and great projects together.

 Wheeling Jesuit University – BA
Criminal Justice

Zach child headshotZach headshot
Zach Gasper
Director of Design

Before taking over our design team, Zach worked in the field for several years - cutting, figuring, cleaning, procuring and mainly watching and taking part in HOW things get put together. This experience along with Zach’s natural talent, and willingness to work extremely hard, has Zach on his way on becoming a world class designer. His attention to detail and capacity to both listen and communicate with clients, makes him a tremendous asset to our company and our services. I am grateful.

 University of Colorado – BA

Jimmy child headshotNick headshot
Jimmy Mathews
Director of Development

Jimmy is a class act who rarely has a bad day. Jimmy put himself through timber framing school in Boston and then went on to get a Masters in Real Estate from John Hopkins University. Jimmy’s has furthered enhanced his resume by working for several key developers in the Washington DC area. Jimmy is that rare mix of field brawn and brain that is required for successful development. Jimmy has joined our team in 2013 and is responsible for heading up our development team. Jimmy is a good guy for sure.

 Randolph Macon – BA Business/ Econ

 John Hokpins University – Masters in Real Estate