Wildflower – Mobile Front Porch

The Wildflower is a mobile front porch used to celebrate cross generational story telling, performances and social interaction.  We at GreenSpur were fortunate to be approached by Toni Ford with the Double Nickels Theatre Company to design and build a space for communities and people to share their stories, helping to create a cultural connectivity between youth and seniors.  The project has been a huge success with appearances at the Commission of Fine Arts, The Fredrick Douglass House, and many more to come.



The One Nest Project was a home I have been thinking about building in my mind for over ten years now. How can we builder smaller, quicker, more cost effectively without losing the historical soul and character of “place.”  I also had the tremendous fortune to work in collaboration with my sister Kathryn Turner (turnerfineart.com) on the interior art. Kathryn is an uber talented artist who lives and flourishes in the shadow of the Grand Tetons. To be able to share my love of building with her love and talent of fine art was what made this project special to me and hopefully others.

This project really was a work of passion for us, so we were very grateful to see the reception it got from the media and marketplace: The project won and an award from Virginia’s AIA Chapter; It was an award winning project in the Environment and Design Magazine; It was one the 5 finalist for Viewers Choice Award for Fine Homebuilding Magazine; It had the wonderful honor to be the cover story in both The Washington Post and Home and Design Magazine; and was one of feature articles in Virginia Living Magazine. The better testimony has been the marketplace.  I think its a watershed sign for us that people want a different answer.  People want smaller, they want more thoughtful, they want places to cook, converse and break bread, they want fine art, fireplaces, and a place that reminds them of something from the past. They want less traffic, less flat screen, less phone addiction. This place was bout dialing the clock back and helping people to reconnect to themselves and others.  The One Nest Project was about trying to ressurect all these wonderful things in life.